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A Loxone Smart Home takes care of tasks around your home automatically, freeing up your time for the more important things in life. It’s living as you’ve always known it, but better.

Loxone is a 360° smart home solution: from lighting and heating control to security, blinds, music and energy management, your whole home can be intelligently automated. Whether you‘re building, renovating, extending, or just looking to improve your home, we have both wired and wireless solutions to choose from. All this whilst keeping your data private to only you.

Step 1 - Allow enough space: The distribution board is at the heart of your Loxone Smart Home, with the Loxone Miniserver as the brain. To ensure that you and your home are well-prepared for the future, we recommend that you allocate 20% of the space in your distribution board as a reserve for future expansion when planning your electrical installation.

Step 2 - Plan for renewable energy sources: Whether you are considering solar panels, a heat pump or just a simple boiler, we recommend that you install cable conduit to locations such as your loft and the rear of your house to accommodate future technologies. Consider adding energy meters at this stage to monitor consumption.

Step 3 - Think switches: Switches should be in easily accessible locations. This doesn’t always have to be next to doors – how about a switch above the work surface in the kitchen? You should also consider how many switches you use. One switch can have many functions and less is often more.

Step 5 - Control sockets: By controlling sockets in key locations, you can stop devices using power on standby when you’re not using them. Not every socket in your Smart Home needs to be controlled though, we recommend that you use a ring main for the majority. After all, you can upgrade any socket to be switchable with a Smart Socket Air at any time.

Step 7 - Charge your electric car: Fossil fuels are a finite resource. To be prepared for the years to come, we recommend planning ahead by installing cable conduit to your garage or drive so that you can have a charging station for your future electric car.

Step 10 - Get in Touch: The installation of your Loxone Smart Home should be planned and carried out by experts. With us you’re in safe hands, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Step 9: Sensors are the eyes and ears of your Loxone Smart Home. To enjoy the smartest features, we recommend a minimum set of sensors that are essential in and around your home. The includes switches, motion and temperature sensors in every room, as well as window and door contacts. For outside we suggest wind and rain sensors, as well as door contacts on the garage door.

Step 8 - Don't forget the garden: It is all too easy to forget about the garden when you are busy building your house. To ensure you won’t have to sit in the dark, we recommend that you either install a cable conduit or even make an allowance for a separate sub distribution board. This will allow you to think about garden lights, irrigation and more when your house is finished.

Step 6: Use future-proof cableUse future-proof cableUse future-proof cableUse future-proof cableWe strongly recommend using a data rated cable such as r all sensors and your network. This will ensure that you are not limited by what you install now in ten years’ time, but have peace of mind that no matter how technology progresses, your house is ready for it.

Step 4 - Consider AV & networking: To deal with rising data demands from music and video streaming, we recommend that you install a wired network throughout your house, especially in locations where you may have a TV. For maximum flexibility and future-proofing, we suggest that you also run your speaker cables back to a central point for the audio distribution.

The great thing about a Loxone Smart Home is that you can choose exactly what you’d like to automate. The system can control just your lighting or heating, for example, or alternatively, it can manage your whole home – from multiroom audio to intelligent electric car charging.

How does it do this? With the Loxone Miniserver. The Miniserver is the heart of your home, enabling intelligent communication between different systems and devices in the home including the heating, lighting, blinds, windows and doors, locks, cameras, music, appliances and switches.

LOXONE Miniserver

The Loxone Miniserver offers the ultimate Smart Home experience. This miniserver is wired into the distribution board making it ideal for New Builds. In a Loxone Smart Home, everything is managed from central nerve centre: the Miniserver. From switches and simple sensors, to lighting, heating, and even complex systems such as solar, everything is brought together centrally. This allows for simpler control and more intelligent automation of your home.

LOXONE Miniserver Go

The Miniserver Go, based on Loxone Air technology, is the intelligent heart of your wireless smart home perfect for retrofitting into homes. The Miniserver Go can communicate via Loxone Air technology, as well as via Ethernet connection and Loxone Link. It’s easily expandable and can grow with your home. Benefits of the Miniserver Go include low energy consumption, reliable bi-direction signals and the ability to place it anywhere.

Ventilation and automatic blind control for offices

Loxone offers a range of automation solutions individually tailored to your office or commercial premises:

Automatic shading

Fully automatic shading which intelligently regulates itself depending on the position of the sun, solar irradiation and the temperature. Automated shading is a massive help when trying to achieve a perfect room climate in your workspace.

Shading protection

Fully automatic shading which intelligently regulates itself depending on the position of the sun, solar irradiation and the temperature. Automated shading is a massive help when trying to achieve a perfect room climate in your workspace.

Demand-driven ventilation

Fully automatic shading which intelligently regulates itself depending on the position of the sun, solar irradiation and the temperature. Automated shading is a massive help when trying to achieve a perfect room climate in your workspace.

Exact recording

Fully automatic shading which intelligently regulates itself depending on the position of the sun, solar irradiation and the temperature. Automated shading is a massive help when trying to achieve a perfect room climate in your workspace.

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Simple access control:
via NFC Key Fob

Access control with Loxone is simple and personalised. Your employees and contractors simply present their NFC Key Fob to the NFC Code Touch and they’ll be granted the relevant access if their permissions allow. The NFC Key Fob provides a cost-effective alternative to keys, which can be placed directly on a key ring. If someone happens to lose their fob, or someone’s access needs to be rescinded, an appropriate user can simply delete that user’s fob (via the app) and, if needed, pair a new one.

Fully automated alarm system

Loxone allows you to easily automate the alarm system in your office or business premises. The activation of the alarm system does not require any manual intervention. It can be automatically controlled simply by the presence in the building. The alarm will then be automatically deactivated as soon as the first employee in the morning enters the building using the NFC Code Touch. If the alarm system is triggered, your building will begin a sequence of alarms. This will include the external alarm sounding, lights in the building flashing, the shading opening and a loud alarm tone being played through the internal speakers. Nominated members of staff will also be immediately notified that the alarm has been triggered through a notification straight to their smartphone.

Save time with automation

Due to the high level of automation possible with Loxone, your employees won’t have to constantly make manual adjustments; the building will simply be how it should be. This is because a Loxone-equipped building detects things such as presence, brightness, temperature and air quality. Then, using this information, the Miniserver – which is the hub of a Loxone system – can make decisions enable features aroudn the building which ultimately ensure employee comfort and save energy.

High-quality audio solutions for your office

Loxone offers intelligent multiroom audio solutions which are especially useful in office/business environments. You’ll be able to offer your employees and customers an unforgettable music experience. This is a particularly welcoming feature in lobbies, guest toilets, stairways, and in staff areas used at lunchtime or for entertaining. A Loxone multiroom audio system can offer the following functions:

Automated music

Play music as soon as someone enters the room, and when that room is no longer in use the music will automatically stop playing.

Multiple sources of music

Whether you want to stream your music, listen to a specific radio station or play one of your own locally stored playlist, Loxone has got you covered.

Endless flexibility

Control the sound of your office quickly and easily straight from the Loxone App. Nominated members of staff will have full control of what is played, and in which zones.


With the multiroom audio system, you can quickly make announcements to both employees and guests. Text-to-speech announcements can be automated based on times or events, and played in specified zones.

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